Welcome to One Page: Canada’s Virtual Literary Series!

One Page is a result of Canada’s largest literary festivals and library systems coming together to collaborate and offer new ways to engage with writers and books at this critical time. As the publishing industry and writers struggle to build awareness and reach readers in an online environment, One Page believes that there is strength in our united efforts.

The One Page Story

One Page got its start in spring 2020 when Toronto Public Library invited Canada’s biggest literary/book festivals to explore the feasibility of offering nationally coordinated and curated content for all Canadians. The founding organizations (in addition to TPL who spearheads the project) include Blue Metropolis Montréal International Literary Festival, Kingston WritersFest, Ottawa Writers Festival, Toronto International Festival of Authors and Vancouver Writers Festival. In August 2020, One Page also invited Thin Air: Winnipeg International Writers Festival and Frye Festival in Moncton to join the One Page curation committee. 

In September 2020, One Page extended the invitation to Canada’s libraries and other literary/book festivals to join as partners. The project took off with nearly every library system in the country and almost all of Canada’s major literary/book festivals taking part.

One Page Events

One Page aims to offer events that are engaging, relevant and reflective of contemporary book culture in Canada and abroad with live and pre-recorded events that the public can access for free across the country.

One Page events are representational and reflect writers from many BIPOC communities from all over the world speaking directly to Canadians.

Watch, Subscribe and Read

Watch One Page events on our Crowdcast channel, and subscribe to receive notifications when events go live and new events are listed. Visit our Events Calendar for upcoming One Page event listings, as well as highlighted events presented by One Page library and literary festival partners.

One Page wants audiences to engage more fully with their local libraries, literary/book festivals and independent booksellers to support book culture and publishing.

One Page events are all free and buying a book is encouraged but not required. Visit our Booksellers page to find a bookstore in your area or one that will happily deliver to you.

Happy viewing and happy reading. And thank you for your support!